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Falkirk Company of Archers

logoblacktransparent150squareFalkirk Company of Archers was founded in 1971 by a group of local enthusiasts and one founder member remains an active participant to this day. Since its formation our Club membership has included both Scottish and British champions. Two of our members competed in the first Commonwealth Games to host archery in 1982 in Australia and some regularly compete in Scottish and British national events. Moira Taylor, our club secretary, was the British Team manager for a period of four years culminating in the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta.
We also have members who play an important role in coaching throughout Scotland and who have contributed towards the administration within the Scottish Archery the SAA and Archery GB bodies.
The Club continues to attract a keen and active membership with a variety of abilities and interests across the spectrum of the sport called archery.
Because of Falkirk’s strategic location the town has been influential throughout Scotland’s history. Falkirk has provided the venue for two major battles; in 1298  the first battle in the“Wars for Independence” (William Wallace); and in 1746 during the Jacobite Rebellion. Impressed by the effectiveness of the opposition’s archers we decided to develop the skills locally!
Throughout the year we hold regular internal events to provide our members with an assessment of their performance and experience competitive archery within a social environment.
Our Club supports participation across a wide-range of age groups and physical capabilities. We arrange introductory coaching for beginners and welcome visiting archers to the area.


Outdoor Season 2017

Phyllis is the Lady Recurve Scottish Field Champion!

Phyllis continues her great start to the outdoor season by winning the Lady Recurve category at the Scottish Archery Field Championships, she also took the Bronze medal for the Argyll Field Archers Open Competition.

Fantastic result, congratulations Phyllis!

 Scottish Field Champion         Field Medals          


What a great start to the outdoor Season for Phyllis at this year's Silver Arrow Competition.

The Silver Arrow is Scotland's most prestigious and ancient archery competition with a history stretching back over 400 years and was held on Sunday16 April.

Congratulations Phyllis on winning the Ladies Recurve Silver medal.

         Silver Arrow Second         IMG 20170508 174315

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Indoor Championships

This year we had our Indoor Championships on the same night as the postal League and we had some great results!

Congratulations to all our winners!

Gents Results - 1st Pete Clayton,   2nd Brendan Macrae,   3rd Alan Martin.

                               Gents 1st   Gents 2nd    Gents 3rd

 Ladies Results - 1st Margaret Martin,   2nd Kay Smith,   3rd Phyllis Pettett.

                              Ladies 1st   Ladies 2nd   Ladies 3rd

Novice Results - 1st Martin Strang,   2nd Christine Davidson,   3rd David Brumby.

                             Novice 1st    Novice 2nd   Novice 3rd

Junior Results - 1st Joanne Whyman,   2nd Luke Horner,   3rd Jack Aitken.

                         Junior 1st    Junior 2nd   Junior 3rd

 Gents Other Bow style - Willie McCutcheon, 

                        Other Bow 1st

 Most Improved Handicap over the Indoor Season - Martin Strang,

                         Handicap Winner


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Balbardie Double Portsmouth Competition

Balbardie Archers held their Double Portsmouth Competition on 26 February 2017.

Congratulations go to Martin and Phyllis who were awarded classification medals for their respective classifications.

Martin Balbardie Classification Medal   Phyllis Balbardie Classification Medal


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